Conference in Mysłowice

October 24 in Myslowice there was a training conference titled: "The new EU requirements for labeling of meat and meat products and maximum levels for certain contaminants in food."
JARS Ltd. was the co-organizer of the meeting along with FOSS, Kulinaria, Monrol and Silesian Guild of Butchers. The conference was attended by representatives of companies in the meat industry and the invited guests included Silesian Provincial Veterinary Officer and WIJHARS Inspectors from Katowice. Media patronage was covered by the quarterly magazine "Meat Products".
After the presentation of organizers and the speech by the Guild Director - Grzegorz Mikiety, a lecture was led by Mr. Piotr Szymański  - researcher at the Department of Technology of Meat and Fat at IBPRS in Warsaw. The lecture was about the recent changes in the labeling of meat and sausages as well as maximum levels for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in meat and smoked meat products.
After lunch the President of JARS - Ryszard Klimczuk, in his speech explained what is the verification of HACCP and GMP / GHP systems, and advised on how to meet the requirements of supervisory inspections in meat industry.
In between lectures, the participants had the opportunity to read the profiles of organizing companies, exchanging comments and observations linked to their work in the meat industry.  

Certificates and approvals

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