Analysis of cosmetics


Accredited microbiological quality tests in accordance with the relevant harmonized standards:

- PN-EN ISO 21149 the count of aerobic mesophilic bacteria
- PN-EN ISO 16212 the count of yeasts and moulds
- PN-EN ISO 22718 the presence of Staphylococcus aureus
- PN-EN ISO 22717 the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
- PN-EN ISO 18416 the presence of Candida albicans
- PN-EN ISO 21150 the presence of Escherichia coli

Stress Test / Challenge Test:

- according to PN-EN ISO 11930
- method according to Polish Pharmacopoeia
- "Koko Test" method


- organoleptic assessment (state of concentration, color, odor)
- measurement of pH
- density
- viscosity
- thermal stability
- mechanical stability: centrifuge and vibration tests
- aging tests conducted for e.g. estimation of shelf life
- testing the compatibility of product mass with the packaging
- determination of heavy metals content
- determination of pesticide content
- test on the quality of technological water intended for the production of cosmetics


- Patch Test
- Photo Patch Test
- RIPT (Repeated Insult Patch Test)
- confirmation of hypoallergenic properties of cosmetic


- objective instrumental assessment: a test conducted by a cosmetologist on a probationary group
 using a multifunctional device for evaluating skin parameters;
- objective panel analysis: an analysis of the applicability and usability of a cosmetic product by a group of cosmetologist specialists;
panel subjective assessment: an in vivo test on healthy volunteers
- probates, who are selected according to the client's preferences,
- examination of the efficacy of anti-radiation preparations.


- cosmetic product safety assessment in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the
European Parliament and of the Council
 - preparation of the cosmetic product documentation
 - notification in the European CPNP system
 - identification of necessary tests and legal advice on placing cosmetics on the market
 - verification of the cosmetic label
 - preparation of cosmetic product specifications
 - preparation of a safety data sheet for a cosmetic product


- laboratory sensory tests to determine the sensory characteristics of cosmetics
- comparative tests against a pattern or several products with respect to each other to determine the differences between products and their strengths and weaknesses
- tests using hedonic scale, e.g. I like - I do not like, I buy - I do not buy to determine the degree of acceptance of cosmetics by respondents

Sensory analyses of products are conducted using the following methods:

- descriptive
- even
- triangle


- Product comparison and positioning in relation to competition
- Choosing the best product version
- Product acceptance / desirability evaluation
- Identification of attributes influencing the overall product evaluation by customers
- Determining a group of consumers preferring certain products

Consumer research is carried out using carefully selected groups of consumers that meet certain criteria, depending on the purpose of the research, such as a preference, age, etc. so that the tests provide the desired information.


- tests of microbial impurities
- organoleptic assessment of appearance, durability of printing, light transmission, etc.
- physico-chemical and mechanical tests (e.g. tightness, chemical resistance)
- heavy metal content
- cosmetic product compatibility test

Certificates and approvals

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