Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) are the basis of every business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Without these principles, the required HACCP food system and the following optional systems cannot be implemented: ISO 22000, BRC, IFS. All of these quality systems meet safety requirements of the manufactured products.

Our years of experience enable us to develop and implement documentation intended for any given food and cosmetic industry.

The introduction of GMP / GHP is based on current legislation and standards. They take into account a plant's characteristics, external conditions and the mentality of workers. Developed procedures and instructions for daily routine are friendly and easy to use.

The GMP / GHP standards ensure high quality of raw materials and components used in the manufacturing of final products and control over their origin. In addition, they constitute a set of procedures and instructions to ensure safe production at all stages of the manufacturing chain.

Our specialists are able to develop the above principles. Hundreds of documents implemented and the experience gained in cooperation with various groups of employees all ensure professional operation.

At the end of the development and implementation of the system, an internal audit is carried out. Its results allow to evaluate the functioning of GMP / GHP in a plant and the effectiveness of the developed documentation.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a system designed to identify and estimate the scale of food safety hazards and the risk of these hazards occuring at all stages of food production and distribution.

Based on their professional background and experience our specialists are able to accurately assess these risks and propose preventive measures.

In the end of the system's development and implementation we conduct an internal audit to confirm correct operation of the system.

In addition to the standard auditing process, a partial audit (i.e. a selective one), which evaluates given processes (e.g, a product line), and a full audit to identify the company's compliance with the requirements are conducted, thereby preparing the company for certification

In addition, we carry out supplier audits involving a full audit of the entire manufacturing or supply process, including the procedures used, the materials used, the technologies used and the skills of the personnel employed. Each type of audit takes place after the client has agreed upon its purpose and scope.

Why trust us?

BEST SPECIALISTS - Laboratory tests and trainings are conducted by highly qualified people with professional knowledge.

COMPETITIVE PRICES - Query evaluations are adequate to market conditions while maintaining high quality of service.

WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES - accreditation of a wide range of test methods, cooperation with other research laboratories, institutions, universities.

PRACTICAL APPROACH - thanks to our experience, our training courses carry a practical dimension and provide a wide range of knowledge.

UNDERSTANDING - long-standing practice allows us to understand the needs and problems of production companies.

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